Compassion Summit 2020-2021

02 March 2021

Compassion Summit 2020-2021

ISG is honored to be participating in the 2020-2021 Compassion Summit for the fourth consecutive year - a summit they co-founded with the American Community School (ACS) in Jordan.

The aim of the Compassion Summit is to make compassion more prevalent in schools so that acts of kindness, generosity, a caring spirit and respect for the environment become everyday acts within the school community. 

Of course, things are slightly different this year as we engage virtually. The kick-off for the Summit was in early November and online sessions and events continue until April. Students are working together to solve specific school problems through the lens of compassion.

When it originally started, the Summit included schools from the Gulf region only. This year, sixteen schools are participating from around the world. Among these fine attendees are 50 students from ISG and two presenters. 

Developing compassionate and engaged citizens is a key component of ISG’s mission and core values. This year’s Summit is proving to be exciting, challenging, engaging and above all innovative!