Cooking with the Math Department

28 March 2019

Pi Day

Today we will be taking you through how to prepare your very own delicious π-day celebration.


32 one-metre wooden sticks.

8 car tyres.

2 nine-square-metre tarpaulins.

One giant coordinate grid.

18 hula-hoops.

A heaping dose of thought-provoking puzzles.

Equal parts exceptional mathematics teachers.

One school’s worth of enthusiastic students excited about maths.


Each morning start forms with daily puzzles to get them thinking and working collaboratively.

Hang fantastic research posters around the school created by our very own KS3 students.

Host a whole school circuit event to get students competing in houses for house points. Activities could include Tower of Hanoi with car tyres, tangrams with shapes bigger than you, matchstick puzzles with metre sticks, and human graphing on a giant 6 by 6 metre coordinate grid. Congratulation to Blue House for taking first place!

Involve a class of year 9 students providing thought-provoking mathematical puzzles for primary students.

π-day isn’t complete without pi memorisation contests. Congratulations to those students who were able to memorise over 100 digits!

There you have it. Now you can prepare your own mathematical festivities. Easy as 3.14159… Stay tuned for more tips and suggestions for your π-themed events coming in π-day 2020.