Our school uniform helps to promote a school culture which provides all students with a fundamental sense of belonging and helps develop within each student a sense of personal identity which is linked to their commitment to the school community. Our uniform reflects the positive image and values that we as a school want to demonstrate to the wider community. A consistent and fair uniform policy improves overall student morale and student cohesion in the school community. Students at Dhahran British Grammar School are therefore expected to maintain a high standard of personal grooming at all times. The school uniform is a cornerstone of our discipline policy and helps us maintain high standards of behaviours and achievement.

All Students

  • Shoes: students must wear black, plain, polished lace-up or velcro style school shoes. Plain black trainers are also acceptable. Laces should be black also. Heels should be flat. For health and safety reasons, shoes should cover the toes and top of the foot. Shoes should not extend above the ankle. 
  • PE Footwear: students must change into different footwear for PE. Sports shoes should provide some ankle support and have non-marking soles. Basketball shoes are not permitted for PE lessons.
  • Socks: socks should be white or navy blue
  • Headscarf (if worn): plain navy blue or white
  • Makeup and Nail Varnish: these are not permitted. 
  • Jewellery: students are permitted to wear a single, simple stud earring in one or both ear lobes. The only other jewellery permitted is a watch.
  • School Fleece: navy blue, with school logo
  • School Jumper: navy blue, v-neck
  • Tights: in cold weather students may wear white or navy blue tights under their skirt or shorts, or they may wear long trousers, as above
  • Physical Education Uniform: this should be purchased from the school shop
  • Hats: students should wear a plain, navy blue cap/hat when outside at all times. Sun hats may be purchased from the Academy Store.
  • Underwear: should be discrete and not visible under or above clothing.

Foundation Stage 2, Key Stages 1&2

  • Girls: striped blue dress with school logo OR blue polo shirt with school logo and navy tailored skirt/ tailored navy shorts
  • Boys: Tailored navy shorts. blue polo shirt with school logo

Key Stages 3&4

  • Shirt: white with school logo for Key Stages 3
  • Sweat Shirt: navy blue with school logo for Key Stages 4 
  • Shorts: plain navy blue, well-cut, no side zips or buttons
  • Skirt: plain navy blue, no more than 6 cm above the knee
  • Trousers: plain black, well-cut, no side zips or buttons

Key Stage 5
The sixth form uniform has been designed to give you more flexibility. You have several choices. 

  • Chinos, tailored shorts or skirts in black, navy or khaki. Well cut. 
  • Black polo shirt with logo (from the school shop). Long sleeved versions also available. 
  • Sensible shoes or trainers. 
  • Socks - white, navy, brown or black. 
  • School pullover fleece with logo in navy blue. 
  • Girls may wear a matching headscarf.