The application form, application fee, and all required documentation (as listed below) must be completed in full before an application can be considered.  


  • Application Form

One application form per child is required. Click here for DBGS Application Form


  • Student Questionnaire

Students in Year 3 and up should fill in and sign the Student Questionnaire themselves.


  • Confidential School Report

Please sign the parental consent at the top of the Confidential School Report and send it to your child's current school for completion. Your child's school should email this form directly to DBGS. Instructions are given on the form. Confidential School Reports returned by parents will not be accepted.  


  • Application Fee Payment Screenshot

There is a non­-refundable application fee of SAR 1,260 (SAR 1,200 application fee + 5% VAT) per student with your application. The application fee needs to be paid by bank transfer and the screenshot of the payment sent with the application documents. Click here for Payment Instructions


  • Current and Last Two Years’ Final Report Cards

It is important to note that if the student is offered a seat at DBGS, report cards MUST BE ATTESTED to complete enrolment. School report cards in a language other than English must be officially translated into English. Ministry of Education (MoE) approval is required for almost all students, and it is the responsibility of parents to meet these requirements. Please check these in advance of leaving your current school and/or country.


  • One copy of the sponsoring parent’s and applicant’s passport and iqama

If not yet available, please forward a copy to when issued.


  • A recent passport photograph of the applicant


  • Saudi Nationals Only: Ministry of Education (MoE) Approval Letter

If a student is a Saudi National a Ministry of Education (MoE) approval letter must be submitted with the application. Saudi Nationals who are applying must obtain permission from the Saudi Ministry of Education in the form of an approval letter, in order to attend DBGS. The letter of approval must be submitted at the start of the application process.


  • Resource/Special Education Student Information

If applicable, detailed information of additional educational or emotional support that your child has received must be provided. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

·      Medical information related to your child's learning.

·      Notes on speech therapy and other therapeutic support.

·      Recommendations from specialists for future support.

·      Copies of all diagnostic test reports and results, such as an IEP or a learning support profile.


Without complete information, the school cannot make the appropriate educational choices for your child. DBGS's goal is to provide a programme that is an optimal match between your child's individual educational needs and the support services available at the school. DBGS  programmes are not designed to meet the instructional needs of students with complex learning, language or emotional/behavioural difficulties.