Application Documents and Checklist

Please note that there are many documents and steps required in Saudi Arabia that you may not have been asked for in other countries. Therefore, it is important that you READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY prior to applying. Documents missing or incomplete will delay the processing of your application.

To help you through the application process, please consult this checklist. When you are ready to apply, please go to the Apply Now section.


Application Checklist


Please have the following documents on hand to upload as part of the application.

  • ƒ Recent photo of the applicant (passport size)
  • ƒ Copy of the applicant’s passport
  • ƒ Copy of the applicant’s iqama (if available)
  • ƒ Copy of the sponsor’s passport
  • ƒ Copy of sponsor’s iqama
  • ƒ Copy of sponsor’s employment letter
  • ƒ Report Cards: Copy of current report card AND the last two years’ final report cards
    • Report cards in a language other than English must be officially translated into English.
    • Please note: In many cases, if an applicant is offered a place, the last or year end report card must be attested in order to enroll. Please check in advance of leaving your current school and/or country.
  • ƒ A screenshot of your application fee payment. There is a non-refundable and non-deferrable application fee  of SAR 1,050 (SAR 1,000 plus 5% VAT). For payment instructions, see below.

If applicable:

  • ƒ Copy of the applicant’s birth certificate (FS1 to Year 2)
  • ƒ Copy of any standardised test results
  • ƒ Copy of any resource/special education student information
    • Detailed information of additional educational or emotional support that your child has received must be provided. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
      • Diagnostic test reports and results, such as an IEP or psychoeducational report
      • Medical information related to your child’s learning
      • Notes on speech therapy and other therapeutic support
      • Recommendations from specialists for future support

Saudi nationals:

  • ƒCopy of Parent 1 (sponsor’s) Saudi ID
  •    Copy of Saudi family ID
  • ƒMinistry of Education (MoE) approval letter



The following documents must be downloaded, completed and then uploaded with the application, except for the Confidential School report which has instructions below.


ISG Application Fee Instructions

There is a non-refundable and non-deferrable application fee of SAR 1,050. Please note that only wire transfers will be accepted. Applications will not be considered without the application fee.

Bank Name:                  ALAWWAL

Account Name:             International Schools Group

Account Number:        013-073-052-002

Swift Code:                    AAALSARI

IBAN:                               SA97 5000 0000 0130 7305 2002