Admissions Process

  1. Submit your application by emailing application documentation to
  2. Click here for a list of application documentation. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received.
  3. Invitation to Assessment: Click here  for more information about our assessment process. Only applications with all documentation complete and application fee payment confirmed will be reviewed and considered for assessment. Every applicant for DBGS must be assessed before he or she is admitted to the school. This assessment is to determine the most successful placement of the applicant. Assessments are by appointment only. Assessments are NOT a guarantee of admission. Not all applicants will be assessed – assessments will depend on the availability of places.
  4. Invitation to interview or classroom visit.  
  5. Review of the application file and assessment results by the DBGS Admissions Committee and admissions decision made.
  6. Admissions decision communicated to parents. Offers remain open for 72 hours and must be accepted by email confirmation within the 72 hour period. After 72 hours, if a place is not accepted the place will be released to the next applicant. Please note all parental acceptance of places will be confirmed by email from DBGS.
  7. If a place is offered and accepted, a non-refundable and non-deferrable seat deposit of SAR 5,000 must be paid to secure your child’s place. This payment is due within two (2) school days of the acceptance of the offer regardless of the student’s actual starting date. Please note all Registration Fee payments will be confirmed by email from DBGS.
  8. If a place is offered and accepted, an enrolment packet will be sent to parents by email. To complete enrolment and be admitted to the school, all documentation in this packet must be completed and returned, including submission of all necessary medical forms and vaccination records, completed Ministry of Education documentation, and completed school Enrolment and Tuition Agreement contracts.
  9. After submission of all required enrolment documentation and payments, clearance for enrolment will be granted by the ISG Nurses’ Office, Government Relations Office and the Finance Office. Only once these clearances have been given will students be enrolled into DBGS. The Admissions office requires 24 hours notice from clearance being granted to students starting school for their first day.
  10. Once clearance is given, all new students will be sent a formal enrolment letter by email stating their first-day start date, class assigned and house group. The email will also include all relevant forms and school information attached.